Loyalty Case Study

Ruby Young
03 Jan 2024

Our Loyalty Schemes are a proven route to develop your business and enhance your customer’s user experience. We have been planning, designing, and implementing successful customer engagement and loyalty schemes for over 15 years.

One of our longest-running and most successful loyalty schemes is Star Retailer.

The Star Retailer Scheme

Star Retailer is a trade-facing business-to-business loyalty scheme that rewards Retailers for fridge compliance. Here at Thesourcer, we helped to launch the scheme and have continued to develop and progress the offering to keep it modern and drive its success. Below is a brief introduction to how the scheme works and how we fit.

Our Original Brief Presented a Challenge:
  • Growing Convenience store sector
  • No advice, poor merchandising, overstocked slow sellers
  • Retailers losing sales potential of important brands
Star Retailer Success

Using our extensive market experience, whilst working closely alongside Heineken UK and their third-party field sales force we devised the Category led Star Retailer scheme. It was initially tested in 250 stores with great success and has now become a market-leading Off Trade Retailer Loyalty Scheme.

Since its launch, the scheme has enabled over 18,000 stores to improve their range and seen a boost in profits as well as offering over £2m worth of rewards to Retailers who have followed the principles of the scheme.

  • Retailers are provided expert advice on their “Range, Place, and Space”
  • Backed up with email newsletters and email communications
  • Compliance equates to rewards

Now in its 14th year, the scheme has a proven track record of improving shopper experience and encouraging category growth. Ultimately, the scheme sells more for both Heineken UK and Convenience Retailers. Star Retailer helps Retailers overcome issues of overstocking and focusing on core bestselling lines which results in an average of £6000 worth of category sales growth per year per participating store.

How we make it work?

Through our custom-built rewards CRM, supporting technology, and flexible approach to projects we have delivered a smooth rewarding process making it easier for Retailers. Alongside producing communication materials, testimonial videos, sales support materials, Twitter, and much more.

The long-standing scheme history speaks for itself, and we continue to innovate and evolve with the latest technology and trends.

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