Looking for Plastic Free Alternatives for Products?

Ruby Young
19 Jul 2022
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Looking for Plastic Free Alternatives for Products?


Plastic Free July comes around every year, but we should think about it all year round. The main problem with using plastic is that it can take many years for the material to break down. Leaving a lot of unnecessary and unhealthy waste on the planet. So, should we be looking to be plastic-free? 100% yes. We can easily reduce waste by making eco-conscious decisions about what we stock and order.


How can I be plastic-free?

Making the decision to use less plastic is crucial. The more we put the environment at the centre of our actions, the more we can do to help. Consider buying something made of eco-friendly materials that can easily be decomposed once finished. The impact of longer-lasting products will be greater when they take less time to break down.


Examples of eco-friendly materials

It is important to start looking at alternatives as some plastic cannot be recycled and will end up in landfills or on our seas, which is not good for the environment.

  • Recycled material
  • Sugar cane
  • Bamboo
  • Wheat fibre
  • Glass
  • Cork



As the demand for eco-conscious goes up, it has encouraged many companies to create products using eco-friendly materials and processes. Have a look below at some great eco products.


Eco-friendly jute notebook

Make the most of nature with this eco-friendly jute notebook with 80 sheets/of 160 pages of bamboo paper. Many perks come with bamboo paper, one of them being its strength and softness. In addition to being a green product, this paper is biodegradable and conserves forests.

Eco-friendly jute notebook

Ceramic mug with coloured inner

This ceramic mug will show off any brand or logo. With the option to add a pop of colour in the inner section this could be a great addition to an office or conference meeting. A great feature of this mug is that we can assure you it is packed with biodegradable materials – cardboard.

Ceramic Mug

Bamboo pen with wheat straw clip

Made with bamboo and wheat straw, this beautiful pen is excellent for being plastic-free. Whether you are jotting down meeting notes or staying organised, why not do it with an eco-conscious motivation behind you?


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