Ideas to spend World Mental Health Day in the office

01 Sep 2023

Prioritising Mental Health: Your Business’s Impact on Mental Health Day

This year’s Mental Health Day falls on Tuesday, 10th October 2023. As we prepare to raise awareness for this occasion, it’s important to emphasise the significance of creating a supportive atmosphere. As we approach this year, we have the chance to re-examine and strengthen our initiatives aimed at promoting well-being within our organisations.

Small ways to take a break...

Gone are the days of dismissive phrases like “snap out of it” and “pull yourself together.” People increasingly recognise the significance of mental health. Some tips on how to take days working, whether it’s in the office or at home can be seen below:

  1. Mindful Screen Breaks: Encouraging mandatory screen breaks to provide respite from digital demands and reduce eye strain.
  2. Flexible Hybrid Working: Granting employees the flexibility to balance work and personal life in a way that suits their individual needs.
  3. Hydration Focus: Installing water coolers to promote regular hydration, which plays a crucial role in cognitive function.
  4. Energising Snacks: Offering energising snacks on request to maintain optimal energy levels throughout the workday.

Get involved

Each year, we allocate a dedicated day to focus on both ongoing and new well-being initiatives. This day serves as a way to make connections among team members and learn about each other.

A few ideas from the World Mental Health Foundation include…

Hold a Tea & Talk

Wear a pin and hashtag #PinItForMentalHealth

Raising Awareness: Thoughtful Products for Impact

For those looking to amplify awareness, we’ve curated a selection of ways that can help spread the message:

Wellbeing Product Ideas:
Stress Ball
Stress Ball
Mental Health Kit
Wellbeing Kit
Wellbeing Journal
Wellbeing Journal

For us, mental health isn’t just a buzzphrase, it’s an important part of making sure everyone is looked after, ultimately encouraging a healthy work environment.

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